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Beck Building – North Queensland

Using innovation, building on experience in partnership with you.

Metropolitan, regional, rural & remote builders with construction solutions from Cairns & across Far North Queensland.  



Beck Building Residential:

Our motto, “innovation, experience & partnership”, drives us to give you a customised home personalised specifically for you.   It fits.  

Corinne Jarvis, our Design Consultant, meets with you and makes sure your house design matches your lifestyle, is suited to your block, and is appropriate for your budget.

Corinne uses innovative ideas, product recommendations and styles that are sustainable and the right fit for you. She sits with you, listens to you and guides you through the process of personalising your home.

Cody Jensen, our Building Supervisor, makes sure we deliver the project in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

As a result, you get a home building process that is clear from the beginning and a home that fits you and your family. Our processes and products build value for you.

Most importantly — we partner with You. Because your home needs to be what you want it to be. 

Bring your own ideas, or use some of our designs as a starting point for discussions. 

The first step is your decision to build. Congratulations!  Now, let us help you with the process and make it happen for you.

See our Showcase Collection , House and Land packages, and, soon to be released, Temptations Design collection for homes that can be personalised specifically for you.

Beck Building Commercial:

Our motto, “innovation, experience & partnership” drives us to give you a customised & tailored building project to suit your commercial purposes.  It works.

William Ah Shay our Commercial Building Specialist and company nominee, offers a personal commercial building service. We design, construct, manage and build large and small commercial constructions.

You receive attention to detail and cost-effective construction processes tailored to suit a multitude of commercial purposes. Bill incorporates vision and a strategic understanding of the building industry in his design, management and project skills.  As a result, you get a commercial project designed specifically to suit your business requirements.

William’s Open Building Licence means we can work on all classes of buildings and offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.

Beck Building’s past and present commercial client base includes:

  • Agricultural companies.
  • the Queensland Government (BAS),
  • Church groups,
  • private sector commercial organisations,
  • local councils,
  • tourist organisations,
  • service industry clients,
  • education organisations, and other organisations.

See our Current and Past Projects page for more examples of our commercial work

Beck Building Agricultural Infrastructure:

Our motto, “innovation, experience & partnership” drives us to give you a customised & tailored agricultural infrastructure solution that works in your environment, with your goals. It suits.

William Ah Shay our  Building Specialist and principal builder, oversees a process to provide sheds, pre-cast concrete, trough and other agricultural structures that suit a multitude of functions, sizes and weather proofing requirements.  

You receive attention to detail and cost-effective construction solutions that can be tailored to suit your agricultural products and processes.  We partner with companies who share the same values to make sure that the product you receive is the product you require. 

Sheds, concrete infra-structure and other structural requirements can be designed, customised and delivered in areas across Far North Queensland and North Western Queensland.  

We provide infrastructure in rural and remote regions for:

  • Agricultural companies
  • the Queensland Government,
  • Local Government
  • Other organisations & companies.

See our partner companies and examples of the agricultural infrastructure products we can provide on our Agricultural Infrastructure page.

A bit about us:

Beck Building Pty Ltd was established in Cairns in January 2016 by builder, Company Director and nominee William Ah Shay.  While we are based in Cairns, we provide construction services across the Far North and North West Queensland including Croydon Shire, Richmond Shire, the cape communities and coastal regions. Beck Building utilises over 30 years of building experience acquired in commercial and residential work

We incorporate design processes and innovative ideas from our in-house designer and our vast experience in all aspects of commercial and residential work  to ensure our building projects provide you with a customised product that meets your needs.  Our talented in-house Design Consultant, Corinne Jarvis personalises residential projects incorporating innovative design, products and concepts to yield construction outcomes that satisfy all stakeholders.  Our Company Nominee, William Ah Shay, and our Building Supervisor, Cody Jensen oversee all building negotiations and construction to make sure that exacting standards are met and our clients receive value for money.  We carefully select and partner with companies and suppliers to provide our  clients with products that are suitable, durable and cost effective.

Our past and present client base includes the Queensland Government (BAS), private sector commercial groups, local councils, agricultural entrepreneurs, tourism & retail businesses, education organisations and private residential clients. 

Innovation. Experience. Partnership:  These are the cornerstones of our business.

Builder’s Construction Capacity:

  • Commercial projects
  • Residential construction
  • Design and Construct
  • Project Management
  • Medium Rise Construction
  • Open Building Licence for work on all building classes
  • Project cost reports and construction programs
  • Transportable buildings
  • Building maintenance services
  • Cyclone upgrading
  • B class asbestos removal license
  • PQC pre-qualification to undertake building projects for the Queensland Government
  • Environmental impact assessments

Partner with Beck: innovation & experience build you the difference.

QBCC:  15007387


Innovation. Experience. Partnership.

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